— > Book design for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: 3 books in 1 cover (awarded best book designs).

This book has never been online before. It is the accompanying catalogue to the exhibition Life in a Glass House, a proposal for Municipal Art Acquisitions 2001/ 2002 in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Design concept: the structure of the book and the title (derived from a Radiohead song) is an hommage to “de nieuwe vleugel”, a glassy part of the museum which was built in the fifties to openly show art in the museum to the world outside.

The catalogue consists of three different books bound seperately in the same cover, which all can be opened at the same time. The book in the middle only contains images to give it a picturebook experience; captions are solely printed in varnish. Reading texts are bound in two different languages in the flaps of the book.