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Posters, flyers, website Time Crystals 1 – Billy Bultheel (2024)

Concept:”time-based art”: a sequence of flyers and posters make up the word “Time”. Time Crystals is a time based arts program initiated and organized with curator Suzanne Wallinga. Together with a diverse range of collaborators including artists, musicians, scholars of performance art, sound artists, filmmakers, writers, and other creatives, we are crafting a dynamic live

Sam Samiee — Footnotes to Life (Best Dutch Book Designs 2020)

Cover picture by ©De Monsterkamer, Justina Nekrašaitė In many ways Sam Samiee’s way of working could be typified as ‘extended painting’. Samiee is connecting physical and virtual perspectives of painting, influenced by his background in psycho-analysis. To emphasize Samiee’s break from the tradition flat painting, I decided the book itself should be experienced like a three-dimensional